Monday, October 5, 2015

5th year Tx Anniversary - A Few Months of Pain, Another Year of My Life

Sorry That it has been a while since I have Blogged.
Quite a few things have happened, not all good, but things have started to improve now :) 
So I thought I would fill in the gaps and update everyone with the details.....

First I would like to say there have been some changes in my blog list unfortunately Jodie Smith who I had followed since her heart and lung transplant. Went into rejection and despite being on the transplant list again, she didn't get her chance and passed away still waiting.I have added her blog to the right hand side column of the blog with others who are no longer with us.  
She is survived by her daughter shown in this lovely picture from her blog back in 2010 She suffered from CF and was in her mid 30s when she passed on! 
Jodie RIP
 Another person who may have been saved by a transplant that never came :(

I have added a new lady called Parris who is 17 years and just starting on her journey towards a possible transplant she is finding it hard to deal with the emotions that this change in her life is bringing  and would surely like to get some comments and encouragement to help her through!!

One thing I had hoped is that this blog would be an encouragement to others on the transplant journey Sometimes though it is a record of the fact that, although Transplant can give someone a new chance at life it is not a cure 

On a positive note George who writes My Journey the Beginning of the end  on my blog list has had a transplant and is two weeks out into her new journey please have a read

So what has been happening with me???
Back in March I went to visit a friend of mine in Oxford and was on my way home on my 800cc Honda Crossrunner motorbike when I was undercut by a car on a local roundabout. The lady in question had taken the wrong line around the roundabout despite the signs, then decided to cut across my path upon leaving the roundabout by the wrong exit I made a decision to overtake her to avoid a collision but I had not accounted for the pedestrian island just after the  roundabout.I was unable to continue the overtake without hitting the island I made a choice to get off the bike and slid down the road on my right side the bike luckily missed me an slid down the road to my left.
I came to a stop painfully and thought I have really done it now!!! 
I tried to breath but couldn't I was really scared 
The thought came to me -  You have damaged yourself so much that you are just going to sit here and suffocate to death now!!!
I tried to inspire again this time success....
Thank you God!

I managed to tell a driver who had stopped to dial 999 and tell the services That I have had a double lung transplant.Then gave her my phone and asked her to phone Liz my Wife and tell her where I was, only two mile from home at the time.The ambulance arrived within a very short time and then so did Liz and my son.I was in agony with 8 broken ribs and a bone exposed where I had lost all the skin from my left knee.

I spent a month in Hospital on oxygen and loads of pain killers and have been recovering every since even now my knee has not fully healed but I am looking forward and getting better all the time. Another year of my life passed with my birthday in August and I was able to get a holiday to Hastings to visit Liz's family before that, after getting discharged from wound care appointments at the plastic surgery outpatients

what happened to my Bike? It got sold to the repair firm who made me an offer that I could not turn down £1000 less than I paid for it two years earlier.The money is sitting in my bank now waiting till I can get a new bike.My son has passed his bike test now and is able to get a bigger bike so we hope to be on new machines for the spring! 

Five years ago I was sitting in Harefield Hospital waiting to hear if I would receive a new set of Lungs!
I am feeling so grateful to the 45yr old man who had signed to Donor register and allowed my dream of a second chance at life to come true.
It has been a great five yrs but not all plain sailing,I am so grateful to my Donor and to my family Alex Ellie and my Lovely wife Liz for supporting me through all the ups & downs 
At 5am I went into the operation and received a gift I can never repay I came out of theatre at about 11.30am and my life started again:) It is a sobering thought that statistics for survival rates mean that I am one of the 50% that are alive after 5 years 
I am so grateful !!!

This month I will celebrate my Wedding Anniversary. Six years since Liz and myself have been married and 28 yrs together 
My daughter turns 21 at the end of the month while studying English degree at Manchester
My son has started two jobs and is presently in college and working part time for ALDI
 Thanks to my donor and the Will of God
I am able to have a life I never dreamed would happen
I an truly blessed 

I would like to wish all my Tx friends a happy and healthy time and what every the next years bring lets us all celebrate this great life we have to live

Monday, December 29, 2014

Goodbye Emily :(

I am writing a post say goodbye to 2014 
To say goodbye to a inspirational woman in this final part of this year.
and share good news about another of my Tx friends

Lots of change has also happened in our family.  
 We have spent a enjoyable time over Christmas as a family as my daughter Ellie has been back at home from university for the holiday. It was quite a change for all of us when she left to move to Manchester in September, It took a while for us all to adjust to Ellie not being around.
I got a cold not long afterwards which I thought might lead to a hospital admission, and for a couple of days it was touch and go. I was lucky But it bought home to me how quickly things can take a downturn and it left me feeling vulnerable.

My car went in for its MOT and is due to be returned at the end of january I shall be getting the same car again I hope and I have made a pact with myself to use the new car to do some traveling around in 2015 as this is my fourth year transplanted and I want to visit places from my past while I am able. 

 Lets face it no one knows what the future holds but as a lung transplant recipient this is particularly true. On my next anniversary in October I will be one of the 50%  who survive 5 years. 
Half the people who have a double lung transplant don't last over five years!

I am so blessed to be living this life and still well despite my diagnosis of chronic rejection that i dont want to waste any more time not doing the things I promised myself.           

This was brought home to me when I heard the very sad news that a inspirational Tx friend has lost her battle with serious complications following a second lung transplant

Emily Thackery
I have included 15 facts about Emily that she posted in 2011 as part of a 30 day photo challenge with this photo.

1. I am a natural blonde, in both hair colour and brain.
2. I have a strong belief in the power of positive thinking; even when you can't change your situation, you can change your perspective.
3. I have 2 sisters, who I love very much and who are currently too far away for my liking.
4. Family and friends are the most important things to me.
5. I've been "officially" written off twice. And I'm still here. Take that, Grim Reaper.
6. My favourite colour is still pink, although now I'm older and more mature (HA) it's a little more discrete.
7. I have a very vivid imagination. This can be a good thing, but it can definitely be a bad thing as well.
8. I love reading and attribute that to my parents and their house, which is full to the brim with books.
9. I adore pretty shoes but cannot walk in heels to save my life.
10. I collect little quotes and sayings which put things far more succinctly than I ever could.
11. I love learning and believe I can learn from everyone I meet. At some point in the future, I'd quite like to take up study of some sort again.
12. I used to be quite the little grunger - black makeup, baggy jeans, heavy metal music, the works.
13. In many ways I feel quite mature for my age, but in many others I feel hugely out of my depth and think I belong back at school with some of the kids I teach.
14. I've always been a poser; I was in a dettol advert as a toddler and modelled knitting patterns for a magazine.
15. I'm quite petite, and I rather like being small. Until my year 7 pupils tower above me that is.

I meet Emily in January 2012 when I attended the speakers project run by LLTGL a charity Emily started with her friend and won award for in 2011

She was a great support to me and many many others and will be missed by so many people.
I last saw Emily in clinic before she was admitted to Harefield with a serious deterioration in her lung function that turned out to be something that couldn't be fixed and although she got another transplant it was not successful
Emily had got her transplant in January 2007 and had many great years of extra life and had a daughter Sophia.
She passed peacefully on 28 December.2014  
You can read more about Emily at her blog PinkandSmiley and please visit and support LLTGL

Finally Emily's sister Abigal set up a page for donating to Harefield Hospital who looked after Emily at 

I will miss you Emily and you will be missed by so many in the transplant community
Rest in Gods embrace xxx

Emily's favourite quotes on her facebook 
 seems very relevant at the moment

"I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it." - Groucho Marx

"Attack life, it's going to kill you anyway."

The other piece of news I have to share is good I also received news from another friend on facebook and someone I follow on this blog Claire who writes  My World has been lucky enough to receive her best christmas present ever of a new Kidney
She posted 
As most of your know. Operation went well and kidney is working. Just had a scan and everything is looking great! Still very sleepy and in pain but apart from im doing well.

I wish her all the best with her new life and hope her recovery will be quick and uneventful

As I look forward to the new year what do i want? 
All the best things for All my friends may their wishes all come true 
Continued Good Health for my transplant Friends and myself
and time to live my life to the fullest 

to all my readers and friends

Have a very happy 2015