Monday, September 28, 2009

On the List Two Calls in Two weeks

I received my first two calls after going live on the transplant list on 17th September. I have decided to write this blog to detail my journey while waiting for new lungs.
I have been reading several other blogs and have found them very helpful and following others progress to transplant has helped me feel that I am not alone.
I have been waiting to go on the list for a while but it has been a shock that within a month of being on the active list at Harefield  Hospital I have added detailed posts about the calls in the pages on the black bar at the top of the blog.
It has been a totally overwhelming experience and has left me a total wreck there are still so many thing outstanding that we have not sorted out. The issues with the tenancy and what would happen to my pension if I died.My girlfriend and I have separate bank accounts and access to our shared money would become a problem.I have tried to leave my girlfriend instructions for all the passwords to computers and my online accounts but some of these things will take a while to sort out and we hope to resolve these problems.

There seemed to be only one solution to issues outstanding,we had been together for 22 years it was well overdue. I had in the past been down on blended knee and ask Liz to be my wife and she had said yes, so we felt it was time to get on with it. I booked the Oxford registry office and had a word with some friends to see if they were free to be witnesses and the marriage is set for 23rd October 2009

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