Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Day another Trojan

Did a virus scan before going out and found that my virus software decided that I might have a Trojan program on my computer.After a while looking around on the internet and reinstalling the software I decided to treat it as a false positive as a second scan later didn't find anything.I was glad that it was the computer that had a infection not me.
I hate computers when they go wrong I don't know how many hours I have wasted on sorting out things on the various computers i have owned since my first ZX Spectrum in the 80s but I still find them a worthy opponent to exercise my brain against.After a while and a couple of games of backgammon one to me one to the computer I gave up and went to bed.
I have a appointment at the hospital for a review at the Chest Clinic at 10.40am. which will be a bind as I am using Oxygen till 12noon most days. I will have to use a wheelchair and be pushed by my wife which is hard for me to accept,harder for her to do! But that how it is because of my lungs now.
I hope that it can be of some use,but having been to Harefields three times last month for possible transplants and had all the test done, there will be little to say.Never mind it will be a day out together without the kids.The things we will do for a quite afternoon!

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