Sunday, March 28, 2010

British Summer Time

A lazy day today having lost a hour of my life to British summer time, I awoke late and decided that I would stay put at home today. My wife is cooking a leg of lamb for Sunday roast and the kids are arguing about who will go on the computer, my daughter winning out with the argument that she needs to write up her coursework.It seems to do this she need to be logged on to Facebook to manage it!
Managed to get out yesterday with my son and sort out some new trainers for him. Half a ton lighter in my wallet when we left we decided to go large at Burger King then home. By the time I got back I really needed my nebuliser,the Oxygen in the car is running out quicker now that I am using it most days.I will have to order some more soon as the Oxygen company are not that reliable with deliveries at times,I don't what to get left with none should Harefields call.

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