Thursday, March 4, 2010

Many White Blood Cells

The home phone rang at 20.30  The voice on the phone was not the one I expected it was a voice that I knew and Could place immediately, hello Mark how are you? This is  one of the transplant coordinators at Harefields Hospital we have the offer of a possible set of lungs.
The words hung in my mind for a second or two ”I have to call my wife as she has gone to work” I said it will take a while for her to get home. She told me she would call me back in fifteen minutes.
I rang my wife on the phone no answer then rang again,” What!!” she said. We have had a call to go to Harefields.she told the ward night staff and started to drive home from the hospial she was at fifeteen miles away.

No matter how many times you go though this is still is a shock when it happens and I found myself shaking and having problems focusing my thoughts Then Liz got back and the kids ran to meet her for emotional support. The coordinator rang back to say that they were happy for me to come so we all sorted ourselves out with what we needed and got in the car for the now familiar journey to Harefields Hospital.soon we were pulling into the hospital ground to the sound of  Wish you were here by Pink Floyd.

The Nurse turned up and took my Temperature, Pulse, Blood pressure, and Oxygen saturation. The temperature was up to 37.6  slightly up from normal.
Unfortunately a question  had been raised by my temperature spike and this was to return with a vengeance upon the reporting of my white cell reading.
The surgeon who had been talking with us returned with a face that indicated he was not bearing good news sure enough the results were not good. I had a elevated white blood cell count that combined with the raise in temperature and upset stomach indicated there may be a problem developing and the decision had been reached that I was not fit enough to transplant that night.
Gradually I could feel myself sinking down to earth from the ceiling where I had been drifting while the process had been going on .

I put my head in my hand I asked him to confirm there would be no transplant as it wouldn't sink in I had taken the dangerous step of thinking that things were going to proceed which I shouldn't have and I was finding the way back to the land of the maybes hard.
By the next day my temperature and stomach were better

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