Friday, March 26, 2010

Shopping Day

Shopping day today dragged myself round supermarket with my wife got some magazines and some fillet steak, a few years ago it would have been cans of beer and some rum and coke maybe, how things change. I find that getting drunk when you are breathless is not fun, the booze makes the breathlessness worse so I don't bother. Had a chat with the lady in her 60s on the tills who told me that her first husband had lung disease and lasted fifteen years I told her that I hoped I would last that long but didn't think I would . She wished me well then, as we left the store, overtook me walking quickly on her way to the staffroom for a break .I waved her to past me like the driver of a slow lorry.By the time I got home I felt worn out the steak helped and I felt better after a nebuliser and a sit down.

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