Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lazy sunday afternoon

Lazy Sunday didn't go out and spent the day indoors in a bid to see if it makes any difference to my chest.Five years on from my Dads passing today.Time has gone by so fast. I miss him, you never know how much you will miss people till they are gone.
Took back the DVDs I had rented,was very unimpressed by them, the only one that was moderately interesting was "Me and Orson Wells"staring Zac Efron of high school musical fame. It is set in 1937 (before the war of the worlds was broadcast on the radio by The Mercury Theatre on the Air in 1938 ) and is the story based in real historical events set in the Mercury Theatre in NYC as they staged a production of Julius Caesar set in fascist Italy. It kept me interested more than "Nine" with Daniel Day-Lewis which was rubish and a waste of my money.
I have got out five more films this week including Avatar. I will try to write a review later on these if any of these films warrant it.

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