Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nice Day Shame about the Volcano

Went out to take some photos today to Oxford University Arboretum near Oxford. It is a beautiful place with some lovely flowers.I have been able to spend some time photographing there in the past due to its policy on disabled access which is great, parking(Blue badge) and entrance for disabled with a carer and children is free most of the areas are easily accessible.
This time of the year there are magnolias(top) and Camellias(bottom) flowering and as I went too late last year and as the weather was good My wife and son came with me.I hadn't bargained for the effect of the volcanic ash that had been raining down on England for the last couple of days and found myself unable to walk more than a few steps before becoming breathless.
I was fed up and upset and for the first time I had to concede my need to use a wheelchair and be pushed around by my wife.I was finally having to come to terms with the fact that I had lost my independence we had carried the wheelchair in the car for a while and had used it on several visits to Harefields but this was the first time when I had to take it out during the day and rely on others so much since I was hospitalised with a collapsed lung.
I was able to take a few photos but on the whole it was too much trying to walk far it wasn't to long before they were closing and we had to go home, but it was a nice day and it was good to be out in the sun.
I managed a few good pictures but a lot were blurred due to my shaking but I thought I would post two of what I managed.

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