Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nice weather shame about the lungs

Got out and about over the last few days but even though the weather has been good my breathing has not.
I went out with my daughter and son shopping in Oxford and as she is a teenage girl she wanted to go clothes shopping.I was luck to be able to get a space using my blue badge nearby on double yellow lines but the walk of 300m was a killer and I had to stop several times on the way. I found myself sat outside the shop surrounded by OAPs while she shopped as I couldnt walk around.My son was concerned for me and stayed close by, but I told him to go and look in some shops he wanted to look at; Game ,Gamestation,and the Sony shop. This was followed by a debate on the merits of HD Television and a request to get one and a Playstation 3 to go with it!
I Had to walk to one of the large department stores in order to use a toilet as public toilets are virtually non existent in Oxford city centre thanks to the lack of funding and maintenance and as my medication makes me more needy than most people I have to plan every visit anywhere with toilets in mind.
I then had the chance to do some shopping for myself. One thing that was outstanding in my bag that is packed for the transplant is nightwear.As I will have a wound on my chest my T shirts I use at home will not be suitable to wear so I ended up buying some checked pyjamas after my daughter told me that the light blue pair I was looking at were not to be bought as they looked hideous and she would not visit me if I was wearing them.But I did think there was a positive side to grey it doesn't show up the blood quite as badly as light blue!
I left feeling a lot lot older than my years after sitting with the OAPs and  buying nightwear that my granddad would have liked to own if he was still alive. instead of jeans or a nice new shirt as I would have done in the past. Never mind all set for my next journey to Harefields now.
While on the way back to the car I took a rest and was treated to a view of Oxford's resident vagrant population, a man and pregnant/liver diseased woman picking up dogends as they walked through the town centre My son asked want they were doing, and was shocked.
I just told him addicts do anything for their drugs and with the rising prices of tobacco the ban on smoking in public buildings had obviously benefited them.
My son said he would never want to end up like that.I felt sad for them, and hoped for the help they needed to sort out their lives, as no one wants to end up in that sort of life.They reminded me of some of the patients that I had worked with while I was Nursing, many of whom didn't make it.
I think what makes a difference in life is Faith in God and hope for the future. So I said a pray and moved on with hope.

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