Saturday, April 24, 2010

Out in the Sunshine

Got out into Oxford today to get some stationary for my son to complete his homework. I took opportunity to get myself a present that I had promised myself for a while a cutter for mount board so that I can enter my printed photos in the print completions.Although I have entered photos in the digital categories I have not sent any prints in and as a lot of competitions ask for mounted work it will help in the future. The price was excessive for a metal ruler and cutter but to by a good one costs about the price of a cheap camera.
Mount cutter £42

Anyway it will last for a long time!! Now I will have a reason to print out some of my pictures.
The sun was shining but I am still finding it hard to breath.I feel that the dust in the air is having an effect.After walking around outside found myself getting more breathless,so that could be the problem.I do hope that things improve as the summer continues.

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