Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shocked in the Supermarket

I spent the day in bed yesterday. Although my test results had come back clear from my chest clinic I had eaten something that disagreed with me a bad stomach resulted.
I felt able to get out today and do some shopping with my son,my breathing was better and I was grateful so we went to the bank to get some money and then went to the supermarket to get some things for dinner.I was happily collecting food I had been craving I had just rung home to ask what was needed and was looking at some deserts when the mobile rang...the display indicated a call from number withheld phone.
I felt my heart start to beat faster and a voice inside me said "here we go" I answered the phone tentatively expecting a unknown voice from Harefields. What I did hear was my daughters voice asking me to get her some crisps that she wanted.
She had rung on our home phone which was number withheld, a left over from the days when I worked as a Forensic Nurse, instead of her mobile.
I let out a audible sigh of relief and felt my body relax after the tension moments earlier."what's up" she asked and I told her that I had thought it was Harefields ringing.
That is the way it goes when you are on the list, you get on with life trying not to think about it but then bang something slams it back into reality.I took a moment to calm myself down and then got the rest of the shopping before going home to as the equilibrium returned to my life for a while longer.

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