Monday, April 5, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Have had a bad day with my breathing today which is annoying because the weather was quite good and normally it is wet days that are a problem.But today proved to be the exception to the rule and a trip to the local shop proved to much and my heaving for breath in the shop drew stares from fellow shoppers.
That is the thing with this illness there is no predicting the good days so you cant plan for the future very well.for most of the day I have had to stay close to Oxygen so I wasn't able to do much.The kids are bored already and the holidays have just started.But today my daughter felt ill with a headache and didn't what to do anything anyway.My son spent some time cleaning up his room and my wife spent time recovering from lack of sleep due to stress related insomnia.
Life is on hold at the moment I will hope for better function as the week continues and hope everyone will feel better soon.

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