Thursday, May 27, 2010

Investigation Finds Less air

My journey to Harefields went well, with a chance to meet one of the transplant cordinators that I hadnt met yet.The investigations found little new but I did have a lung function test done.I found out that I have quite a reduction in the capacity of my lungs since my assessment in January 2009 the amount was about one litre less now, which shocked me.
It is funny, but I feel worse now for knowing, sometimes ignorance is bliss and the whole day left me tired and feeling down.I am sure I will bounce back, but just now, I hope that the wait is not too much longer as there is not much lung function left to lose.
We got back in the early evening and got some takeout food. It was nice to be out with my wife for the day it is just a shame that we had to go to Harefields hospital.I talked about a holiday with the staff they said that being in Sussex would be no problem if I stayed on the list but I will think more about that later in the year.
Just a couple of days left till the school holidays.I hope that my breathing will allow me to get out with the family for some days out over the week that the kids are off.

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