Friday, May 14, 2010

Lovely day Shame about the Television

Had a good day today the weather was good.Air liquide delivered my oxygen bottles when they said they would, for a change, and the kids were happy.
My daughter was planning her trip with the Duke of Edinburgh scheme with a list of kit to get.My son was looking forward to his trip away with the school to a local activities center tomorrow.Funny thing was the reason for the activity, the local television transmitter caught fire at 14.30 and was off-line till 21.00 so there was no Digital TV at all. It was great to see them doing other things even their homework!
I went to my camera club which was on the subject of Epson Printers.The reps were trying to sell us some £300-£700 printers on the basis that they hardly ever get blocked up printheads. I wasn't convinced, as both my Epsons died that way, so I took a early journey home.Next time is the AGM.
Spent some time at the computer and then went to watch some DVDs. The early life John Lennon Nowhere Boy that I have mentioned (see previous post) was very good and kept me amused.
But the new Ray Winstone movie 44 inch chest was a strange mix of one room stage play and misogynistic gangster buddy Flick, interesting for the amount of insults traded but only for a single watching. I much prefer the writer's earlier film Gangster Number one a film that is well worth seeing .

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