Friday, June 18, 2010

Classic Cars and Cycles

1912 bike with Oil lamp
Got out in the sun with the Camera Club yesterday and was able to get some great pictures of some classic cars at a lovely hotel in Dorchester The George Hotel .One of the members of our club has a friend who is a member of a Classic car club that meet regularly at a town near where I live.She had secured permission for our club to go and photograph some of the cars.It was a lovely day the sun was shining although this proved to be a bit of a problem for photographing shiny cars.My breathing though, was not playing fair, after a few days of feeling relatively good and able to walk.Yesterday I was floored by breathlessness I was in two minds about going, but I bit the bullet and went anyway. Luckily there was lots of space for me to park and I was able to get close to where the cars were.
Parking is one thing I am always worried about when I go somewhere new,and although I have a Blue Badge I frequently find the spaces allocated, used by people I shall politely label ignorant and lazy they seem to fall into three groups, those with a I don't care if your disabled attitude,those who are to lazy to find a space and don't think it matters,and those who think I am only going to be a short while so I will be gone soon.
I am frustrated by these people who use disabled spaces but I will make mention it if I have the chance. I have been surprised by some of the reactions I have received. It seems that people think little of the needs of disabled people and on a couple of occasions I have received threats of violence.But as I tell my children I am more able than a old lady with a wheelchair to draw attention to this problem.Maybe if more people did point out to this minority group of idiots their mistakes they wouldn't do it because of fear of ridicule. This offence should be a priority for traffic wardens and supermarkets so that life is not made harder than it is for the disabled.
I have included some pictures of some of the great cars and cycles I saw so as you can get a idea about the day.I will be going out again on Saturday to the local carnival where our Camera club is holding it annual exhibition and hopefully taking some more pictures then.


Morris Built in Cowley Oxford

         Finally one of the members had a classic of my era to show off and was able to ride it around something that in my day was the bike to be seen on long before BMX had been thought of I hope this picture brings back happy memories to anyone who remembers the Seventies The Raleigh Chopper
Raleigh Chopper

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