Monday, June 28, 2010

Daughter's with Duke of Edinburgh, XBox on a Diet

As you can see from the title of this post my weekend has been busy my daughter has been away on a trip to the New Forest to walk across this green and pleasant land and cook meals with a camping trangia this was the final trip for her award.
She was much happier at the prospect than the last trip but was still worried about the hot weather,but returned tried but happy after a good weekend.She told stories about one tent falling down and came back with a multitude of snacks she didn't eat. Her feet hurt, her back hurt,she saw deer and wild horses  and was glad she had gone.
It brought back memories of my many camping trips in the past with my Family,Scouts and also in Europe as a young person. Finally the tent I had, became a casualty of the last Glastonbury I attended back in 1998 when after rupturing a disc in my back I spent five hours in agony carrying my belongings back to the car in the poring rain before abandoning it to the clear up squad.I was sorry to see it go I had used it to go to many festivals through the years including the last Stonehenge free festival in 1984,I am on the video of this that I saw on-line a while back but it seems a age ago now. You can get a idea about this from the following clip I am not in this one though Stonehenge 1984
The other thing that happened this weekend was my sons Birthday he was 14 and is growing up so quickly I can hardly keep up.His only birthday wish was a new console.We were luck, when he got the first one a Nintendo Wii to be one of the only families in area to get the newly realised console due to the shortage of supply that Christmas.Because I had pre ordered early  I was the only customer in the local Currys store to get one.
Now this year he said that he wanted a XBox so today we went out to Oxford and pre ordered one of the new slim XBoxes with the hope that Kinect controller when it is released  will  stop any more controllers whizzing across the room.He was so happy. Maybe now he will not feel the need to keep on to me about how good the XBox is and I can look around for the money for the online subscription XBox live that is a requirement to play with other across the internet.For all those who want to see a picture this is what it looks like
XBox 360 slim with Kinect controler
Due to the good weather My breathing has been quite good and I was able to get out alone for a afternoon and look around at the options available before we went today and ordered it.That may not seem much but I have lost a lot of my confidence since I got unwell and mostly go out with someone to help me with the things I find impossible like carrying stuff and also to be available to get my oxygen from the car should I become very breathless.
I am hopping that this will carry on and I might be well enough to go on holiday to visit my wife's folks on the south east coast,as we missed a holiday last year due to my hospital admission and protracted infection.
Holiday require a lot of organising so I will leave a discussion on that for another time.
Finally my eldest Daughter is about to leave the country for a season at a well known ski resort for a couple of months so if she is reading this hope you have a great time.

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