Monday, June 21, 2010

Day Of Fun

View from the saloon
After my post yesterday I thought that I would post something about how I had spent my weekend as I mentioned before I was hopping to get to the local carnival which was a low key affair with some stalls and not much else by the time I had sorted out my nebuliser and got myself together.I was too late to see the carnival procession, even missed our camera club exhibition of photos.I was fed up, so I decided to go to the funfair that was going on and see what else had been organised.When I got to the fair there was a "wild west" re-enactment going on where a group of middle aged men were playing with blank firing guns it was good for the kids and the guns scared some of the little one rigid. But I did get a couple of views of my own for your entertainment.  
Gunfight at the local field

We went to the Funfair and my son went on some of the rides including the dodgems which he really liked and another ride which flung him around.It brought back memories for me of the last time I had been on a fair ride, at this same fair I think. I had gone on one of the rotating rides, with my son and daughter, that squash the riders in the seat against the person sitting on the outside of the seat.That was me and as the ride speed increased, I found the kids were squashing against my chest and I couldn't breath. I panicked I eventually had to gain attention of the operator, who stopped the ride earlier to allow me off. I was really scared and that was my last fair ride.I loved seeing my son enjoy the rides,I spent my time taking some photos.I have included a few to give you a flavour of the fair

Ghost Train - Don't think much of the attendant

The prizes wait for a home

Finally I was looking at a blog today and thought that my problems might be solved I saw an interesting Google sponsored ad on the Wordpress page about Lung transplants
That's a good saving

Could all my problems be solved if I got enough money I followed the link to this
Better luck next time!

Never mind .....The lung function meter might be useful but how will seeds for tomato plants help me with new lungs, only Google knows I suspect. Better luck next time :)

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