Monday, June 7, 2010

Family make a Weekend

I had a great time this weekend I managed to see my eldest daughter who visited on Saturday she had been abroad skiing in France doing a season, and is going away at the end of June to a job in the Alps.It was so good to see her but never enough time to catch up on all that she had been doing. We have kept in touch via Facebook and email and I am glad that I am able to.

Life on the list for a transplant brings home to you what is important in life.
Family,the people you care about and your friends.They are the people who visit you, send greeting cards, phone and text you in the real world, who you talk to face to face.
Human contact is so important sometimes we forget that. When we say friends we may mean people who follow us on social networks on twitter or other on-line forums. This is true of young people, even my kids, who say I have x number of friends on Facebook.
That is not to say that those people cannot become friends.In fact some my friendships have developed online and given the restrictions of my illness it has been a way to connect.The people at Transplant cafe have been a great help with support when I have been turned down for transplants due to unsuitable organs,they know what I am going through.People at My Shutterspace where I have posted photos and have sent positive comment about them are great .Also the people who meet at the chat room of COPD international and supported me when I was in a wheelchair and had a tube hanging out of my chest wall despite the time difference to America.I would recommend all these sites,but I would recommend email more for relationships

One thing about the social media is the loss of person to person direct contact. The most enduring  relationship I have had has been though email it might be out of favour but try it again it works,whatever site you are on and is private, two people talking. I have been in contact with a very dear friend since 2007 via email (Sue you know who you are!) and we have shared the ups and downs of our lives and I am so glad.
Try this, ask your friends for there email or mobile number and talk with them direct, not to the public internet, stronger relationship develop that way and you don't have to watch adverts while you do it.
I see people on line craving fame, with a look at me attitude. Hoping to make money and get things easily or with little effort with the belief that when they have all these "things" and money they will be happy.It brings to mind a saying I heard when I was growing up in the punk era

"When the power of Love overrides the Love of Power and Money then we will be free"

A lottery win would do me no good to me now as it couldn't buy my health back.Nothing comes for free in this world,friendship is one thing that is,try developing  friendships that last face to face.
I watched a program on TV about a Irish man who received a Lung transplant and he said that getting a lung would be his lottery win.
I am still waiting for my lottery win and it nothing to do with money, thanks to family and friends who are keeping me going and the grace of God I will get there.

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