Thursday, June 3, 2010

Peacocks in the Woods

Went out with my children today as it was a nice day we went to somewhere that is lovely this time of year Harcourt Arboretum.
I took my camera and we were able to get some good photos.I was unable to get far due to my breathing even though it was nice, it was a day that even walking a short way was causing problems.I loved being out in the sun and was accosted by one of the peacocks that was resident there,the kids were good and we had a nice day.
Following up on a previous post the news continues to be good for Rachael Wakefield who i can confirm has now gone home to start a new life with new lungs you can keep updated on her progress at Anything But Ordinary this is one of the blogs I follow on my blog list.Another person who's blog I follow is Jodie Smith is a lady with Cystic Fibrosis who is  waiting for a heart and lungs and has just received her first call for a possible set of organs that unfortunately was not successful.I wish her all the best in her wait and hope that the next call is the one.
Please remember that for all of us these calls will not happen without people brave enough to be donors. If you want to register in the UK please follow the link on this blog, click on the flashing heart. If you are already registered you can add your picture to the "Wall of life" which displays pictures of people registered as donors making up a mosaic of colour on the face of  a young girl  Louisa McGregor-Smith saved by a heart transplant in 2007. Click on the link on my blog to see my face and to find out more.
Finaly I have posted up some of the pictures I took today for you to look at Oxford University do a lovely job maintaining this great place which is part of Oxford botanical gardens and visits for disabled people with their carer are free.Harcourt Arboretum and Botanical gardens

One of the peacocks
Taken by my Daughter

A colourful beetle

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