Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Support Rachael and CF Awareness

The Subject of my blog tonight will be some of the other people that I have talked with or heard of while I have been waiting for my Lung transplant they are so nice and selfless and deserve all the good things in the world.
The first person I will mention is  Rachael Wakefield

She is the blogger responsible for Anything But Ordinary and also the inspiration for this blog.
You can find on my blog list she had a Double Lung transplant back in March but is taking a while to get fully well, as you can see if you read her latest post. I would like for everyone to send out good thoughts for her and those who are inclined maybe pray that she will get over her problems and make a full recovery.

The other person I would like to talk about I have met on Twitter and she campaigns tirelessly for CF (Cystic fibrosis) awareness. She has two sons with the condition who are 15 and 7 and I feel that I must bring you attention to her present project her name is Lorraine Barnes
She has been contacting celebrities to wear T Shirts and take photos to post on Twitter to show their support for awareness of the condition which leaves many suffers needing Lung transplants very young in life due to the damage it causes to their lungs.

Her website is at Barnes Boys  

Her Twitter name is  @CysticFibrosisF

Another one of the bloggers on my blog list is someone who suffers from this condition is Jodie who is the blogger on Transplant list is waiting for a double lung and heart transplant because of this condition

If you what to know more about this condition
have a look at   C F Trust

Finally have a look at her video and see who has done their bit for C.F. Awareness
see how many people you can spot?


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