Sunday, June 13, 2010

Transplanting Memories?

As I have mentioned on this blog before I am a member of a site for people involved with transplants in any way it is called Transplant cafe There I have meet people who have undergone, and people who are still waiting, for transplants.
It is good to talk with people about their experiences and be inspired by their stories about how life has changed after they have had a transplant.Just a while ago I met a great girl called Bree who received her lung transplant August 2009 about the time I was being listed.
I have asked her if I could put her blog on the list of people i follow so will be including it as she is recovering and able to do the things that I am unable to now,but hope to in the future.So please take a look as she has told me that she wishes it will inspire others who are waiting and raise awareness about transplants.
On the site there has been a discussion going on about the possibility of changes in personality after transplant and what those could be due to.There are feelings that this could be as a result of memories from the donor somehow transplanted with the organs. I don't know if this is true but I have heard it from several people on the site, that they feel that they carry with them changes that could be as a result of this. With craving for food they never liked before their transplant, including my new friend Bree, who's comment on the discussion and promoted this entry in my blog.
I watched a very good programme on channel 4 in UK which is still available on the channel 4 site if you are interested  in finding out more it is at Transplanting Memories?
Unfortunately one of the people in the film has since passed on but she wrote a book about her experiences you can read about her here  Claire Sylvia
I would personally be happy to have a connection with my donor, should I receive my lung transplant, that the people in the program seemed to have.
Please remember to look at the blog listed on this site as they are all people who's lives have been improved by a transplant or are waiting like me for the gift of life only a donor organ can provide.If you have yet to sign the register you can from the link on this site it takes less time than the time to send email but can change everything for someone waiting. 


  1. I know my personality has definitely changed after transplant, but I do not know if it has changed to that of the donor, or if it is the medication and emotional aspects of the transplant. I have noticed my appetite has changed, but i just thought that was a side effect of medication.

  2. I find this a interesting subject I will only get a answer myself when I get my transplant. Thanks for your comment


Thank You :-)