Saturday, June 12, 2010

What was #Duncansdream why is it over? What now? I was at the Start and End

I was part of it at the start and part of the announcement of the end of #DuncansDream
As of midnight 10 June 2010 #Duncansdream is over, the man who started it Duncan Bannatyne (Dragons Den) said that he would discontinue tweeting about it at midnight.

What was #Duncansdream? if you are on twitter you may know already, but if you dont here goes, on twitter there is a convention that you can nominate people to follow on a Friday #FF, this allows people to gain more followers by recommendation.
On 4th June at 11.56 Duncan Bannatyne said "I would like to #ff all of my followers so all you need do is start following each other then we will all have 90,000 followers. Simples"
Then a funny reply by@iancreek
At 12.19 "What an excellent idea, I’ll start following your followers now. Should be all done by Christmas!
Time for someone to set-up a hashtag for this @DuncanBannatyne experiment any thoughts? #duncansdream maybe? by @iancreek

From this point the whole thing snowballed with duncan's followers tweeting the hash tag #duncansdream and asking to be followed.

By 18.56 on 4th June Duncan tweeted "Wow #duncansdream is now trending worldwide and it all started here"
Myself and 72 others retweeted this and I was hooked, I was part of a worldwide movement of people reaching out to one another
By 20.11 Duncan tweeted"Now #duncansdream is 2nd highest trending worldwide lets make it top
I retweeted this along with 100+ people and It went on for 6 days trending constantly

I had only a while earlier started to play on twitter and found myself fascinated by this trending subject and called out for some followers with the hash tag and it worked lots of people followed I ended up with lots of great people following me and now have many more people to connect with who had it not been for this phenomenon I may never have met it has been a great experience. My daughter who had not been on twitter before this week has now got 90 followers and loves twitter now.
The hash tag stormed for several days then after a day when twitter groaned and strained under the wieght of following back,some poeople were just collecting people constantly, I had decided against this, the spammers got worse and many people didn't follow back.It had to end somewhere.
At 15.50 on 10th June Duncan tweeted
"Yes it's true I won't use the #duncansdream hashtag after midnight tonight. All good things must come to an end look out for #bannatynesays"
39 people including Myself RT this reluctantly, and that was the end of #Duncandream as endorsed by Duncan There is still hope though.
Ducan tweeted today

"I am going to Follow, RT & FF 10 new peeps every day for a week, send me a tweet saying why it should be you #bannatynesays"
Now you know what to do!!

What was my dream then lots of followers No I have lovely followers and would like more but that was not the reason I did this On 4th June I tweeted

If everyone following #duncansdream registered as a organ donor that would be a good dream what do you think @DuncanBannatyne What do you think is that a good dream?

I did have a tweet with Ian creek about what next and said
@iancreek how would you feel about replacing #Ducansdream with #kickstart for a way for those people starting out to gain up to 50 followers
his reply was
@UKCybernaut I think your kickstart idea is a great one. The important thing is for people to connect with other like minded people.
I agree and now lets see what we can do about that welcome people and lets make twitter the place to communicate and meet great people and share our thoughts People power in action.
Lastly earlier today 85 people including myself sent this to our followers
dragonjonesCome on let's get @DuncanBannatyne over the line. He only needs another 233 followers to hit the magic 100,000 !!! RT (ps. he is 60 !!) 100,247 simples

I will follow anyone who is interested in Transplant awareness or I find interesting. But will not be following anymore people who are using the #Duncansdream.
People who dont follow back will go if they are not A) Famous or in the public eye or B) Have a skill to offer to help others waiting for transplants.I will follow anyone who is on the Wall of Life and puts a link to their photo that matches their profile picture in their tweet.
I do not wish to follow any companies of any sort if I dont follow them first. Any company that does will be blocked and if they persist reported.
Happy tweets.


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