Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day to Day Again

With all the tweeting I have been doing over Transplant week I have neglected the blog posts somewhat. There have been some changes in the layout and I have added another person to the blog list.

Please look at the new blog by Victoria Glen. She is a lady in Scotland who has only recently had a double Lung transplant.Victoria is spending some time in hospital this week getting treatment for a mild case of rejection and could do with some moral support,so read her blog and add some comments to make her feel better.

I was also able to tweet with David Kallin during transplant week.
He writes the blog Chopped liver which I have followed on this blog for a while.He is waiting for a liver transplant.
 A great guy who will help you if you are in business.He runs Best Of Barnet and you can contact him for all sorts of business advice at David Kallin he says " Want to grow your business through thebestof Barnet – I will donate your first 2 months fees to my Liver Charity." 

There is also some good news about me. I have been offered a website to run. It is in the early stages but it is giving me a focus,while I wait for my transplant.I will post up links to the site when it is running well and outstanding issues are sorted.It will be a site to share social media information and any contributions would be welcomed.

Something else Positive that has happened. I was contacted by a COPD website in America who like this blog and have asked me to write a short piece for the website blog as a guest blogger. Again I will post more about this when the post is publish.

As you can see I will be busy so if I don't update as often as I have been for a while please don't feel like I am neglecting my loyal readers and I promise if anything happens I will post info on here if I can or on twitter where I am @UKCybernaut or my Daughter will update the news about me though Twitter  and you can read about it on the widget on the blog or if you like you could join Twitter and follow me yourself. As long as the whale doesn't turn up


  1. Hi I just wanted to say good luck with the future and hope you get the call soon

  2. That is good news that you are running a website how do you manage?

  3. I just what to say thanks for the comments they are always welcome
    Regarding how I manage, if you don't try you will never know what you can achieve.
    I like to try new things,this is something that I can do that let me sit while doing it. an advantage when you can't exert yourself without breathing problems.


Thank You :-)