Friday, July 2, 2010

Good Luck Justine

Just a quick update to say good luck to one of our athletes competing today in the transplant games she is Justine and you can find her Blog at

Life after Lam and Double Lungs 

Her website is  Justine Laymond 

Where you can see a very good video about her story 

 Lets wish her lots of luck and hope she brings back some more medals for United Kingdom She supports the following charity for her condition so please take a look

LAM Action

Another great lady is Holly Cocker who has put together a photo exhibition for 

 National Transplant Week from July 4-11 

Give and Let Live, will be on display at the second floor of the West London Renal and Transplant Centre if you can't make it to the exhibition you can see the work at Holly's site at
Holly Cocker Photography 
Please check out some of her other work as well while you are there and you can follow her blog if you like where she has her latest work including videos she has made. Her most recent about Pete A Cystic Fibrosis sufferer who is deaf and the difficult decisions he will have to face in his life.

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