Sunday, July 4, 2010

Transplant Week Starts #Transplantweek

Good and Bad news for the start of Transplant week 
which runs from the 4-11 July.

The bad new was posted by Rachael Wakefield
Who informed us that brave 4yr old Katie Williams died today whilst awaiting her 2nd heart transplant so if you havent signed up on the donor register please do so today you can find a link on my blog permanently or go there now at
UK DONOR REGISTER it wont take much time, but may save the life of someone like Katie when you have gone.Don't waste your organs please recycle them.

The really great news is Justine Laymond  whom I posted about in my last post has won several medals for Great Britain at the transplant games that happen in Sweden this year.
She got a Gold medal, Four Silver medals and a Bronze medal for the country and she has sent a great picture of them to share with you all so I would like to say congratulations from the whole of the UK for this brilliant achievement. maybe one day I would love to go and see the games but I dont know if I would have the courage to compete myself. She said of the games "Totally shattered beyond belief,my lungs did give me grief,but I was SO determined"
She has sent a great picture showing all her medals and deserves all our thanks for a great start to the transplant week, and total respect for the effort she made to get the medals. I have been following her preparation for the games and she has worked so hard training for so long to achieve this.

Justine you are a Star 

If you are still not registered as a donor listen to this it may help you decide MP3

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