Sunday, August 29, 2010

Holiday is over Back on your Heads!

Holiday is over and after a three and a half hour trip back that was very trying to say the least (usually two and half hours) we arrived home.The first night we just crashed out and the next day the grass needed cutting and we did some shopping for all the things we have run out of.

Now normality has returned with the usual moaning and squabbling from the kids and a list of things to do that were put off before we left.I rang Harefields hospital and told them that we were back home and my mother visited and I gave her the gifts we had bought while away.

Why the strange title for this post? it comes from a joke that I heard and still makes me laugh now;

A man dies and ends up in Hell and the Devil says to him you have three choices of where you want to spend eternity and points to three doors.
The man says can I have a look first before I make my choice the Devil agrees
He opens the first door behind is fire,brimstone and people burning in agony."Don't fancy that" says the man,
He opens the second door there are people being whipped and beaten."Don't like the look of that"he says
He opens the third door and there are loads of people sitting waist deep in sewerage drinking tea.
He takes a moment, then he decide. "It has to be the third door" he says.
He goes in the third room and  the door closes behind him.
"Right" says the Devil, "Tea break is over now back on your heads"

I am not suggesting that my life is like that joke, but life has a way of throwing up those sorts of unexpected outcomes at us everyday and it doesn't matter if you worry or not they still happen.
People often say "I hope you don't have to wait to long for lungs". But people never say "I hope someone will die soon".But the two statements mean the same in the real world.
Human beings are very good at protecting themselves from the truth of their own behaviour ,but worry about things that they can't do anything about.

Well my birthday is nearly here and 8 days later I will have waited on the list one year. A interesting but stressful one but one filled with new experiences not all fun.
I have done a lot more than I thought I would be able to.Met some great people online through Twitter and other sites I use. I have talked to famous people and ordinary people with extraordinary lives. Followed three people who have had transplants watching them recover,some quicker than others.Waited with others like me still to receive the gift of life.

Started this blog and continued to write it! Got published on another blog as a guest.Started to run a website, learning a new format and extending my knowledge of the web.Got commended in end of year competition in the local Photography Club. Hoping to take more winning photos when it starts again in September.

The only down side to this time of the year, apart from being one year older. Is winters approach,that is something I dread,but with the advent of the Autumn, I hope though I can get some good pictures :-)

On that note I thought I would post some of the pictures I got of Brighton on our last day out before our holiday finished.

Brighton Pier

Walk on the Pier

The pier from the beach

Watching the waves
Not quick Enough
Brighton Pavilion

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