Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holidays, Nearly There!

Got my Oxygen supply delivered to my holiday address today and collected my holiday prescription for medication I might need.Extra oxygen was delivered to my home as well and a service was done on the Oxygen machine that I use.My wife's last night shift tonight and then we are set to go.
Just need to collect all the relevant junk  into a bag to take; Phones,Chargers,Computer,NintendoDSs,Mp3players,Cameras,Binoculars,
Tripod,Hair Straighteners,I just cant live without those:))ha ha.
Then there is the make up etc but the blogs is only so long.My walking stick(yes I have one) My wheelchair, Nebubuliser all the meds and Oxygen and my packed bag for Harefields.Then we may be able to put some clothes in to take if we are lucky.
The point I am making is as a kids we were able to go on holiday with a bag of clothes and a couple of board games some cards and some drawing paper now we have to take the entire stock of Dixons for entertainment.
Happy holidays must not forget the Radio Times because the kids want to plan what to watch on TV. How did we manage as children I wonder.

I just hope we can find our way there!

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