Monday, August 9, 2010

They are" Under Starter's Orders"

The weekend is over and the last few days before holiday are upon us and I haven't done much!
I did manage to get mobile broadband together and have a shiny new dongle from T Mobile in a box waiting for the starters gun to go off.

This will allow me to continue with my updates on the Blog, keep up with my friends on Twitter and the kids can check Facebook while we are away.How Dependant we have become on the web!My mother in law who has no need of more, has maintained her Dial up connection to the web and so I felt that it was time to take the plunge and go mobile.

I have a few thing to sort out this week I must get some extra medication. We have a delivery of Oxygen coming on Wednesday when they will read the meter on the machine and service it. So hopefully I will have a rebate cheque waiting when we come home, after spending all our extra cash on holiday.I have been using the oxygen most of the time, so with any luck it will be a good one.

We are hoping to be at Sussex for the weekend as I hope to attend the Eastbourne Airborne show that starts on Thursday and finishes Sunday I have been in the past and have got some good pictures of planes from it.Again as always, it will be dependant on me being able to get a parking space near what is happening, fingers crossed on that. I think that we will be able to see something if the weather is good.

My plans, apart from that, are flexible. The kids what to go to Brighton for a day out, I what to get some fish and chips, from a great shop on the sea front, that uses fresh fish bought from the fishing fleet in Hastings.Another thing that always figures highly is penny arcades.I don't doubt that I will be returning with many pieces of tat by the end of the holiday, won with numerous 2pence pieces.The sea beckons but I will not be in it this year. I will have to be content to look and hope for the day when I will be able to swim in it again.
I thought that I would finish the blog with some pictures, from the last  Eastbourne Airshow we attended.

Lancaster,Spitfire & Hurricane 
One of The Red Arrows

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