Thursday, September 30, 2010

Autumn Fair and M.O.T at the hospital

My camera club resumed and many new faces were apparent which is a good thing for the health of the club. I found one of my pictures that had received a commendation in the end of year competition, is being used by the club as one of its entries for the inter club competition at the CACC. This is a alliance of camera clubs across the region.You can see the photo at the Wallingford Photographic club website it's called Eagle Eye

The other thing I managed this week is I attended the local fair that is held on a piece of common land in the town although not big it became the focal point for all the teenagers from the local school that my children attend. I had been to Oxford and was persuaded by my son to take him there for a while even though he had attended the night before with his mates.I was fortunate to have a camera with me and while he looked around I took some shots to record the multitude of lights and colours of the event. Although I didn't go on anything and found it hard to get around as I was so breathless I am glad I did.

My arm was aching today due to the Flu and pneumonia jabs that I had this week hopefully they will protect me from any winter bugs that might come along and early administration has proven more effective I read in New Scientist. I booked in on one the first days possible at the GP surgery.

I have just got back from hospital after a half day spent reviewing my health with the local team at Chest Clinic.

My MOT check list, Bodywork is a bit worn, carburettor is requiring replacement,but I am still safe to drive!

I saw the consultant that had looked after me when my lung collapsed who said hello, and  had my appointment with one of the registrars whom I saw when I was in hospital having IVs . I realised that it has been over a year since any admissions which encouraged me.They took a Chest X-ray and it showed a reduction in the hole in my lung and pneumothorax, which has been born out in my slight improvement in function over the summer, another encouraging sign.

I also had a call from Harefields first thing today to arrearage my outpatients appointment.It is now in the first week of November, a bit earlier than had been arranged. One of the co-ordinators that I had met before rang a t 10am and for a brief moment I was starting to panic before he told me it was a routine check up call.I tentatively checked up that they had me active on the list,silly I know but reassuring to hear.Then said I would see them in November.They are also after my blood and will be sending a package to me containing tubes to be filled for next week.
What a state my life is in when the only deliveries that I get are not from DHL,UPS or On-line retailer sending the latest gadget or tech? No, just Air liquide delivering my Oxygen Bottles and Harefields sending Blood sampling kit. What joy!

I would like to include in all my posts now a bit of promotion for organ donation awareness as that is one of the reasons i started the blog and my fellow blogger who writes the from Scotland Victoria Glen 
has joined together with two other people who have also had lung transplants and is raising funds to help with transplant awareness and support Cystic Fibrosis care they have a new website at Team Glasgow please have a look.Please support her efforts you can follow them on Twitter @Team_Glasgow
I am going to add it to the blog roll please tell all your friends!
If you are not yet a Organ Donor and would like to be please click the link on the flashing heart in the left hand column of this blog or HERE
Finally I thought I would put a few pictures of the Fair
All the fun of the fair  

The Cage


  1. Pretty Pictures!!

    Thank you for mentioning us Mark!!

    I hope this call is the one for you!

    V xx

  2. You are welcome:) Always willing to help out with support.The call was not the one, but staying positive for the next one.


Thank You :-)