Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Leaves are Falling So is my Lung Function

What have I been doing?
A few things have happened since my last blog post about me lets fill in some details of events.

I got a mention on the website of a very dear friend and fellow blogger Marie Brew  at Live Love Speak This has led to people signing the donor register in their local area which made me very happy.
I would recommend this blog, it is filled with inspirational stories and Marie has great faith and is very committed to helping others achieve their potential.

I have been continuing to write articles on my website I Got Dug  That has now become quite time consuming at times, hence have had less time to write blog posts. I am enjoying being busy and it is helping to pass the time, sometimes too quickly!
Because I am writing about developments on the web I look for cutting edge stories.
The first was a story that was quite inspiring a young web designer Feross Aboukhadijeh was given a job on Twitter.He had been the first to code a new version of You Tube that offered instant searching.
Take note good work can get you your dream
The other thing I was involve in was a discussion with the CEO of Twitter Evan Williams this is the man who's company developed this software that I am using for my blog "Blogger". He was discussing the new Twitter version at the moment. I was able to get him to answer a question from me about some of these changes that may not seem much but with one million followers it is nice to know my voice was heard.

Things in my life have been moving along with a few days where it has been quite hard to breath and I realise that the number of these days will increase as winter gets nearer.
The trees are turning brown and I am planning my trips to the local arboretum for pictures, Next Thursday 23rd September my Camera club starts a new session for anyone who missed my winning picture from last year it is   Eagle Eye
I am looking forward to more wins in the future competitions, watch this space!
 Finally I was surprised  when I looked in my Email to find That I had come in the top 20 of a twitter game called Artwiculate I have been playing sporadically for a while, usually only put one entry per day. The idea is to tweet the word to illustrate its meaning in the most amusing way. This will get you  retweets and votes from fellow players.
So I thought I would post my certificate :-)

 If you would like to see my tweets and the other words I have done you will have to join the game on Twitter.

Organ donation: Facts and Figures from NHSBT

  • Three people die in the UK every day due to the lack of a suitable organ.
  • 8,000 people in the UK are still on the transplant waiting list despite the significant effort being made to increase the number of donors.

In 2009/10:

  • Deceased organ donation increased by 19%4 . With 959 donors saving and improving the lives of countless patients, this was the most successful year ever. We also had our highest number of living donors, meeting the target with a total of 1,026 donors.
  • As a result, the total number of organ transplants carried out in the period April 2009 to March 2010 was the highest ever seen.
  • We transferred all existing Specialist Nurses into NHSBT employment, in new teams, in new offices, with new IT equipment and newly resident in hospitals across the UK. We appointed new staff so that we now have 190 Specialist Nurses for Organ Donation (SN-ODs). This work will deliver consistency in ways of working and a clear emphasis on organ donation for all NHS Trusts.
  • We worked with the NHS to ensure the appointment of 174 Clinical Leads for Organ Donation, the establishment of 138 Donation Committees and the appointment of 122 Chairs. We started work to provide them with the tools they need with an innovative Professional Development Programme.
  • We commissioned 13 organ retrieval teams across the UK working to agreed specifications and standards.
  • We completed the roll-out of our Electronic Offering System (EOS) to almost all transplant centres to speed up donor registration and organ offering, and further developed the electronic Potential Donor Audit.5
  • We launched the first UK-wide public awareness campaign to encourage more people to join the Organ Donor Register and discuss their donation wishes with their families. As a result there are now over 17 million people on the Organ Donor Register.

please sign up HERE

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