Sunday, September 12, 2010

What the Blog is Happening?

As I write this blog about my life and my tribulations, I know that life is moving on for others I follow. They are on my blog list and some have been having a hard time.

Jodie a Cystic Fibrosis sufferer who is waiting for a double lung and heart transplant. Has been having a particularly hard time and she is presently in hospital and has had both lungs collapse she could do with some support and comments on her blog to encourage her. Please have a look and read her story. I sincerely  hope she get better soon and receives her new lungs and heart.

Anything But Ordinary...- Rachael Wakefields blog (England)
After her lifesaving double lung transplant in march things have been hard with her spending a long time recovering.Then a while back she was readmitted to hospital she then got pneumonia and is suffering from second bout of rejection at the moment.I hope that she is able to sort out her problems and get back out into the world to use the lung she had been waiting for for so long.All the best Rachael thinking about you get well soon.

Victoria Glen(Scotland)
A lady with CF. Got new Lungs on 16th May and has had a few ups and downs but is doing good.She has been going out and about had a new lungs party recently and had a day in London watching musicals (the photos are on her blog) even she has had some rejection problems although they are under control.
Looking forward to your article coming out in October.

Past the Point of No Return - Victoria Tremlett(England)
Victoria another lady with CF is having a hard time I wouldn't lie and as she has been waiting a long time is quite worn out with the whole process.I follow her on twitter and after the post on her blog I know that she is a bit better now and has got some new furniture and is happy with that. But as to the rest of the problems they will not be totally resolved without a lung transplant.I am think about you Victoria wishing you all the best. Willing you to get that call. 

My Lung Transplant Years - Christopher Green (USA)
Christopher lives in Westlake,Ohio . He has continued to relate his story about growing up and the history of his illness while letting us in on a great life spent working in local politics and memories of his folk along the way. Chris uses oxygen regularly and has been attending rehabilitation sessions to get him fit he is hoping for new lungs.

Chopped Liver - David Kallin(England)
David has been having a reasonable time while waiting for his liver transplant he has been able to continue work for the most part.He say on his blog"However, if, as in my case, I am able to function fairly normally, save for bouts of colangitis, then dealing with the situation is less straightforward. How much longer can I get away with a failing liver? Weeks? Months? Years?."
He is active on twitter and provides a great insight into his world of his work, music and home life with his young son.I am happy that he is well, and glad that he is helping the cause of organ donation on his blog every entry making me feel a bit guilty for not doing the same.He is presently preparing a article for the British Liver Trust to give others a insight into his life.You can follow him to.Cheers David

The Blog Blog - Bree (Canada)
Bree is also just over a year away from her lung transplant and loving it.This is what you get with Bree, she speaks her mind and say it how it is.
She has just a while back written a letter to her donors family.
I would like to take some quotes from the letters as it illustrates how much of a change a lung transplant can make She has done really well and is now employed doing a job she loves and walking a lot.
She says of her blog

"I will say all the things you are afraid to....and I will ask all the things you're too scared to...This is my trek through pre and post lung transplant courtesy of a lung condition called Bronchiectasis
The letters tell you more:
A year ago today I can recall exactly what I did: I baked 2 loaves of bread, one being cheese and onion. I had caught up on phone calls and emails and was mentally making sure everything at home would be okay. I knew I was dying. I couldn’t brush my teeth and breathe at the same time without having to lean over the counter and rest to take a breath. Using 5L of oxygen didn’t matter – I simply couldn’t do it anymore. I was simply exhausted in every which way imaginable, and the sheer physical pain of feeling your lungs shrivelling up and dying within you was unfathomable.

I was just 23 years old, and this was my life.

One year later things are very different. I am healthy, I am pink, and I am breathing the way a normal 24 year old girl should. This morning I woke up bright and early and took one of our dogs for an hour and a half walk with my sister. Then I made a cup of tea and lounged on the couch with the other dog and watched Shark Week. My how things have changed.

But the thought that somewhere out there your family continues to grieve is enough to bring me to tears. You will never know what your donation has done for my family and I. I cannot put into words how it feels to take a deep breath in and feel it resonating at the bottom of my lungs. Seeing my chest rise and fall the way it should, instead of having it never move and breathing with my stomach as I used to never seize to amaze me. It is a sensation that will never grow old.

In two weeks, I will turn 25.

Hope really hope you will have many more Bree :-)

(I reproduced these excepts from another blog

So how am I?
I am doing good,
Waiting and hoping for a call,
but aware that things could be a lot worse than they are.

I recently asked people on Twitter what is the most important thing to you? Many answers were offered,My son,My boyfriend,My wife,Twitter,My children,even one kind soul who said me getting a transplant:)
my work ( no just joking no one said that ) 

But one thing no one mentioned was Good Health without that life can become hard work. Look after yourselves please and I wish you all good health.But for people on the waiting list for a transplant there is hope in the future.
So I will take a lesson from David Kallins blog, and finish with a request for you to think about becoming a Organ donor.Click on the flashing heart in the left hand column near the top of the blog.
If you are a donor already please email a  link from this blog to a friend who isn't, or who you think would benefit from reading it
You can do that from the bottom of each post or using the Toolbar  + sharing  or even "like it" on Facebook  Thank you for spreading the word about Organ donation :-)


Thank You :-)