Sunday, October 3, 2010

Called for Transplant again!!!

Another call I am so nervous I don't know if this will be the one.
We will be leaving soon to get on the road and will maybe find out in the early hours if this is the call that goes ahead keep an eye on my account on twitter @UKCybernaut for updates my daughter will be tweeting for me if things proceed.

Watch This space!!


  1. I would tick the 'I'm now an organ donor - but I already was!! My 10yo daughter says 'when you're dead you don't need stuff, people can have mine' so I guess she is too!!

    All the best - hope to hear from you soon!!

  2. Mark, I am praying that the operation went ahead x i'l be keeping my eye out on ur posts from ur daughter. Thinking of you x

  3. i left the top comment, didnt mean to put myself as Anonymous x

  4. You deserve a beautiful life ahead. Live beautifully.

  5. I am being assessed at the moment for lung transplant and have followed your blog for months.Our thoughts and prayers go out to you for a speedy and trouble free recovery.Will follow your daughters tweets.

  6. Thank you all for your great supportive comments all the best


Thank You :-)