Monday, October 11, 2010

Got new lungs one week

Just thought A
Picture For my readers would
Be nice


  1. Mark, I am soooo peased that you finally got ur lungs ! Congratulations. U look so happy on ur picture xx

    Jodie x

  2. Hiya Mark...
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Post Transplant!!

    So pleased to see you looking so well and so happy...It is a lot to get your head around in the first few weeks...Heck it still gets me even after 3 & 1/2 yrs P/TX!! It does get easier though...I think my most frightening moment was when they told me I could go home, I mean I WANTED to be at home but was scared at the same time...Would I cope? Well I'm still here..I left you a DM on twitter...I'm always about!!
    Here is a little something I found and and made me laugh...True though!! LOLOL
    Love and hugz xxxx

    You know you’re a lung transplant patient when:

    You have pills, masks and antibacterial hand gel in your pocket or purse
    Your signature looks like you used an Etch-A-Sketch to sign, because of drug induced tremors
    You know your creatinine, lung function, white cell count, and prograf level intimately.
    You talk to your healthcare providers like they are friends (or enemies?).
    You frequently spout out four letter words
    Your cough-sniffle radar is on high alert in public places and you run away in hysterical paranoia when someone sneezes or coughs near you
    Your diabetes is a piece of cake compared to everything else you’ve been through
    Any day above ground is a good day
    You honor and appreciate your donor family with all your heart (or lungs)
    You freak out with any fever, wheeze, phlegm, shortness of breath, or pain in your lungs
    You are terrified of children because of their germs Your insurance company hates you.
    You are an “inspiration
    You have an excuse to weasel out of the dirty housework and gardening.
    You love the wrinkles you see on your face and welcome every birthday.
    Your mind wants to do more than your body can.You keep your hospital in business
    You can drive to your hospital with your eyes closed
    You have felt like crap and hated your body at some point
    You have felt wonderful and loved your body at some point.

  3. Thanks Jodie for your comment I really hope that I will be writing the same comment on your blog soon my thoughts are with you Mark

    Anonymous Thank you for "you know your a transplant patient when...."


Thank You :-)