Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello From Harefields

Just a short post to say thanks to everyone who has been following what has been happening with my lung transplant. Both before and those who have joined me since I have had the operation.
One thing I have found is many generous and supportive people, some of whom have gone though the experience of Lung transplantation I have been humbled by their encouragement they know what I am feeling and have encouraged me by sharing their experiences.
Other people I have met tell me they have been influenced to sign the donor register by reading about my experiences of waiting and that has made me very happy as that was one of the reasons for me starting the blog in the first place.
Another group of people are the ones still waiting for their transplants I feel most strongly about them and hope they get their organs soon and I will be highlighting those folk in the weeks to come and would encourage others to offer their support Three that I follow on my blog are:

  • Victoria Tremlett-Past the point of no return
  • Jodie list
  • David Kallin - Chopped Liver
Thanks you all for your messages of congratulation I really hope you can all be transplanted very soon

Finally I thought I would try to post a video of me in Harefields I have included a piece of equipment called "the bird" which I found myself blowing in very soon after the operation it is used to encourage the lungs to clear.Also I have included a picture of the operation dressing so if you don't what to see be warned (its not to bad)Finally a bit of a thank you from the heart for everyone who has supported me it has made the most scary time in my families and my life much more bearable.Thank you all so much my best wishes and my families thanks go out to you all.
Please remember if you haven't signed up on the register you can in 5 mins and change a life like mine after you have gone.
My final thanks today go to all the donors and their brave families who at a time of one of the worst event in life they have thought of others and allowed there relatives organs to be used for transplantation one of the most selfless act I know of. I pray for your peace and grief to be over soon in the knowledge that part of your loved one lives on in another person. I will cherish the gift I have been given and hope I will be able to help others waiting as others have helped me please let your friend know about this story and discuss transplantation with others you know lets all carry donor cards and be proud to tell others that we do.
Thanks Mark


  1. Hiya Hun...
    No thanks necessary!! I have had some awesome support since I first got diagnosed with the dreaded Alpha Monster and through the wait, TX and recovery..I'm not as brave like some of the people who go on TV and radio or run marathons etc...So I try to make my donor proud by helping to support anyone I can...So I'll be around if you want an ear to shout in, a shoulder to cry on, a hug of comfort, a bit of a laugh to cheer you up..
    Thanks for the blog...It has reminded me of how far I have come and made me stop and remember how blessed I have been. So take your time...Make sure you do things at YOUR pace...You will soon get to know your "new" body and what is best for you. When it comes to our health we have to be our own best advocate.
    Sending you lots of positive thoughts and blessings...With you every step of the way
    Love and Hugz
    Stevieanne & The Essex Crew xxx

  2. Thanks for your comment I am feeling like a fish out of water at the moment and I am sure in time there will be loads of questions.I thought that I was prepared for the transplant having waited so long but this is just the start. Thanks for the offer of help All the best

  3. Its fantastic to here how well your doing. So what was it like? how was u when u woke up??

    i'm so, so pleased for you xx

    Jodie x

  4. Jodie
    It was very strange when I came round like a dream but I knew the operation had happened.I was surprised that I felt so normal but the pain was hard To see my sats at 99% was great they have gone down a bit since then to 95-6 but it is early days. I really hope you will be telling me how you felt soon I am praying for your call to come! Best wishes Mark


Thank You :-)