Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wedding Anniversary Today

With everything that has been happening over the past week it took my wife to point out something I had missed that had crept up on us without either of us noticing much till the last minute.

Today the 23rd October is our 1st Wedding Anniversary one year ago today we were in Oxford Registry office making vows to stay together for the rest of our lives in my case I was not sure how long that would be.

My darling wife has already forfilled some of the vows she made she has stayed with me" in sickness and for poorer" now I hope that I can forfill the other parts of the vows I said" in health and for richer!"When we went into the offices with our witnesses, I could hardly deal with the breathlessness. Now there is the potential for that to be a thing of the past.How quickly a year has gone and how much has happened since that day.
After we had been together for a long time before our marriage has it made a difference?Maybe not in a day to day sense but for me emotionally it made a lot of difference that I could make that official commitment to her.
My beautiful and loving wife a very Happy Anniversary with all my love and thanks I couldn't have done this all without you ! 
Lets us look forward to many more future celebrations and remember this one as the year that changed our lives together positively

If you want to read more about the marriage it is included Here as part of the second call we got.

The suit I used for the marriage is hanging on the bedroom door and the pyjamas that I bought at the same time are what I  am wearing now! funny how things work out.

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  1. Just found your blog. What an amazing idea, your video. Well done, my friend, keep positive.


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