Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Clinic Day (Break for a Week)

Went of to my third clinic day yesterday and it was decided that the breakdown of the wound that has been causing some concern would benefit from some antibiotics so I have been put on flucloxacillan for a week the positive is that they feel that I do not need to attend till next Monday which means we get a weeks rest.
This will help us both and allow Liz a break from the constant driving back a forth.It was a bit hurried  and we were rushing about at the end of clinic collecting medication to last the week. I hope this will allow us to recharge our batteries and get sorted at home the whole process has been a great drain on all of us.

I am starting to feel that my body is getting back to a sort of normality and walking on the level is feeling okay now. Stairs still feel hard to do, and I am aware that I will have to do a good amount of exercise before things feel back to how they were before but I have turned a corner now,and hoping for a gradual improvement from now on.

Got a call from my GP this morning saying hello and congratulating me on my recovery he was letting me    know that he was available for any problems that I may need help with and it was reassuring to hear.

Slowly life is starting to get back to a rate of change I can cope with. Now is the time for contemplation, I had thought about the donor several times during the process, but I have made up my mind that I will ask about the donor at my next clinic appointment, I want to  know more about them,this person who is keeping me alive!!

Other thing I have started to do is think about what I will be able to do now.
How will I use my new mobility what do I really want to do?

It is a shame that the weather is not the best at this time of the year therefore I haven't been able to get out as often as I could have in the summer but I am looking forward to short walks building up to longer walks in the near future I will try to get to some shopping centres where it is dry and warmer to practice.
On the whole though I am just so happy to be breathing and well!

But let us not forget those who are still waiting so if you haven't registered as donor click the link on the left hand side of the blog on the flashing heart.
If you have, please ask your friends to look at this blog and tell them the benefits that transplantation can give. 

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