Saturday, November 13, 2010

Discarged! First day home

After a lot of sorting out on Friday and a last minute rush for medication I was able to go home with my wife I had a shower before I left which tired me out and packing up all the stuff took a while but eventually we were on the road back along the journey I had done so often before my transplant.
I was surprised that riding in the car was quite so bumpy and by the end of the journey I was suffering with a few aches and pains requiring pain killers.we left some chocolate fancy biscuits and a card for the staff who were really helpful and kind.
Liz was able to park the car near the ward and despite the fact that my feet were still quite swollen I was able to get in and we left with my mum in the back helping us with the bags.the weather was wet and cold and by the time we got home I was quite worn out.
It had been five weeks and five days when I woke up in my bed today. I had some apprehension about being at home and after so long and after coming in last night had stayed upstairs but it was great to be at home. I woke up a bit late and did all the relevant medication and had some breakfast and spent the day getting used to this new way of life.
I spent some time on twitter and managed to talk to another patients husband @russwillis that I had met while I was in hospital. He had seen my picture in ITU and realised it had been taken in Harefields he contacted me and congratulated me about the transplant His wife had been a patient on the ward for heart transplant.Then about a week later he tweeted to say that his wife Dora had been admitted for a short admission and we were able to get together and share info about the transplant community and he gave me his blog address TruefallNess and a couple of other sites such as  Twitter times as luck would have his wife was discharged the same day as I was, which was nice as she was ready to go too and also hoping to get home.

I was also able to meet someone else who I had talked to on another site that i am a member Transplant Cafe her husband had his lung transplant at Harefields and early on on my time waiting she had been very supportive about  my missed calls now it was time for me to be supportive as her husband had been having some problems I offered my support and will continue to offer a ear to her worries in the future and hope that things improve for her and her husband in the near future.It was so kind of her to pop in and offer congratulation.
I will be back at Harefields on Monday for the transplant clinic and will be spending a lot of time going though checks for the near future  gradually I am understanding what a change this will be in my life but also what a precious gift I have been given and would like to say to anyone who has yet to register as a donor please click on the flashing heart link on the left column to go to the form and offer a gift of life. Remember that if you do sign up please let your relatives know your wishes as they will still have to give consent and that will help them if they know your views.

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