Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting On With It!

While I have been away things have carried on in the world at large and now I am home again, I don't know how and where I will fit in now?
I have potential for a new life I am still recovering and the doctors say that could take up to 6 months to finish all the healing my body needs to do.
My body is still fixing itself.

This was brought home to me today as during the night my wound sprang a small leak that required dressing in the Transplant Clinic today at Harefieds.This is my second visit back to clinic since I left and I shall be making many more visits to ensure that the lungs I have been given are looked after and monitored for any signs of trouble that could indicate a bout of infection or rejection.
People often think that when you get a transplant you are cured of the problems that you had truth is you swap one condition for a new condition.

You get a Blue book and you write all your drugs in it each day then you tick the book when you start to rattle after take all your medication.
You also weigh yourself daily a 1 kg increase may spell trouble.
Take a temperature each day If this rises over 37c it could indicate infection,
you write those readings in the blue book
You are given a  Spirometry machine and each day you blow into this to find out if you lung capacity is good this produces two readings, from this the doctors can assess you respiratory function.If these readings go down by 10% it could indicate rejection

For the rest of your life you wage war on your immune system with drugs that allows your body to tolerate the bit that isn't you! With time it becomes easier for the body to deal with this  but in the early stages it is hard on you and your body.I shake and suffer side effects and at times despair if things will get better.

But things already have.
I have new lungs I have seen them on the latest X-ray.
They fit snugly in my chest now healthy lung tissue extends from one side of the lung to the other.
There are no large holes or damage to the areas though which I exchange my breath with the world.
I am so grateful for the gift but I am impatient patient  

We met up with @russwillis  and Dora at Harefields today they were at clinic to and looked a bit fed up with being there but it wasn't long till we were all on our way blue books in hand. With the hope of a relaxing weekend to come.
It will be back to clinic for us on Monday and Thursday next week again, we were given a bag of dressings to sort out the wound care out and bid farewell to Harefields till next time.

Please remember if you haven't signed up on the donor register please do! or tell you friends why they should

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