Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Golden tweets Award please vote and get your friends to!!!

As you have have been following this blog you will be aware of the progress of my lung transplant recovery what you may not be aware of is that while I was waiting I had entered a awards scheme called the Golden Tweets.
this is a user led award that allows people to be voted for by their followers in several categories.
I had put myself forward In a couple of categories that I felt were appropriate one was Writing for the blog and the other was Private individual I had forgotten about the award because of the transplant becoming available and then realised it was coming to the end of voting so I got on twitter and asked some of my followers to vote before the end of voting.

When the voting finished it seems I had been successful in coming in the top 3 out of 183 people so now I am a finalist :)

Not only that but another person that is also waiting for a double lung transplant has also got into the finalist category for writing this is my fellow blogger who writes "Past the point of no return"  Victoria Tremlett  She suffers from Cystic fibrosis and has been waiting a long time for her transplant.

What can you do now????

Vote and vote again - Help us both get a voice for people  waiting for transplants:

Cystitis Fibrosis people

COPD people

Heart transplant People

Kidney disease People

Liver transplant People

People sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring willing it to ring because it may mean a new life for them
scared that it may not ring and they will die waiting -Three people die each day Waiting for a organ that never comes!!  

This link Golden Tweets tell you what happens now

You have till the 25th November to vote again and make sure that the voice of those waiting for organs is heard and give me the chance to raise awareness for donors and registration

UKCybernaught -Private Individual 

Tor87 -Writing 

There are other people in the voting and I will leave it to your judgement as to whether their reasons are as valid as organ donation awareness allowing others the gift of life I have been given and Victoria so desperately needs.

Please help and I will try my hardest to get fit in time for the award in November so I can add my voice.

I am presently in Harefields Hospital  recovering. On Ward E  

 I ask this not for me but for all others waiting now somewhere in the UK tonight waiting for a phone to ring!!! 

You can also sign the register HERE

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