Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Testing Times Today

Today several things changed. The doctors seem happy with the amount of fluid that has been removed using the iv diuretics I have been having and have changed my medications to all tablets.Allowing the last tube in my arm to be removed.
I as so had a day of investigations designed to check the underlying function of my lungs firstly I had another respiratory function test that found my lung capacity is now  FVC 2.00litre  I found it hard to do the test and couldn't get my breathing to do what I wanted it to. But after instruction I was able to manage it.
Then I was called to go for a CT scan  which I managed reasonably well but again took a while getting used to lying flat this was solved with a small amount of Oxygen.
Finally I was told that they would be doing another sleep study to see how my body was coping with the retention of Carbon Dioxide overnight and this would be off the Bi pad machine  that I had been using.I took my instruction from the man who delivered the machine so that I would be able to get good results from this study for the doctors to make a decision about the future.
The future is still being decided but I get the feeling that given positive results, and the praise I have received for my progress, that home may be a strong possibility in the near future.

The other thing I thought I mighty do would be allow those people who wish to to view the final scar as left by a bi-latereral sequential lung transplant I have provided a link to the photos as I don't think everyone will be interested  Please click HERE if you want to see my final scar and a second HERE

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