Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Clinic Before Christmas?

After my discharge on Wednesday I have been dreading attendance at clinic again in case the infection had reoccurred or other problem might have developed that might affect my chance to stay at home for Christmas. So I woke up today with some concerns. The weather did us no favours, the temperature was -11C snow on the ground and ice on the road and to put a lid on things no water in our taps frozen pipes? I rang the water company who told me there were no issues with leaks or interrupted supply local to us.I woke the kids to tell them asking them not to use the water till the pipes thawed and we prepared to leave.I rang the clinic to warn them I might not be able to get to them today, but would try anyway.
We were lucky with travelling and got to clinic just after 10am and was able to get things completed early due to the fact that a lot of people had not made it in.It took a while to get some blood done due to my damaged veins
that have been quite overused of late.
I was happy to find out that my lung function had been maintained since my last visit and the X-ray was okay doctor had encouraged my to exercise and said he hoped that my lungs would improve and the capacity would increase then I was told that I should attend in three weeks on the 10 January I was really quite happy but apprehensive we then had to get some medication from Pharmacy and I asked for some dressings for the small wound on my scar that is healing well.I can start to see a end to the process of urgency that has dominated our attendance since the transplant.
The journey home was less than fun with no water for the windscreen wipers and night approaching. When we did get back we went out to get some supplies from the supermarket and after taking back the DVDs I had to return we got a pizza for tea finally able to rest we both collapsed and realised how tired the day had made us. Luckily the cold water supply had come back on which was a great and well needed end to the day!
Roll on Christmas!!  

Friday, December 10, 2010

Give the Gift of Life For Christmas

I hoped this was not going to be a post that I would have to write,but here goes.
We attended clinic on Monday and there was a problem!

The regular X ray that had been done showed some congestion and it was enough for the Doctors to wish to investigate more so we were asked to expect admission for a Broncoscopy.
We had to return home as that was the day I had nothing with me. We collected the required medication and
clothes told the kids what was happening then returned to Harefield

We went to the upstairs ward above were I was for transplant, into the same numbered room "room 9"
That is were I have stayed.  I hoped that it would not be a long stay.
 The Bronsoscopy was the next day.
After there was no conclusion from the test except that there was no rejection evident a decision was made to start IV antibiotics and then I was told I would be in hospital for another 7 days at lest  for them to work.

So here I am it is good that the staff that I know work here on this ward to but I am fed up!this time around the food is less appealing and the entertainment is wearing thin.
I have been forced to think about Christmas while in here and the only present I will want is to be home with my loving family. To relax, pray to god for the gift I have been given, with hope for no more admissions for the near future.

One thing that has happened while I have been in here is I have been given information about my Donor because I requested to learn more.The information is brief and limited all I have been told was he was a 45 year old man just like me.

He was taken and has left a legacy, a gift in my body I can never repay.

Thank you whom ever you are I am doing the best to make a life. If like me you have a wife and children I will write a letter in the future to tell them about how you helped me with you donation but the coordinator has said that should be left for a while a few months while they recover and I can find the right words.

It has brought it home how important being registered as a donor
So finally you know what I will say now.
If you have registered as a donor you are a star.
If you have yet to do so please do we only know one thing for certain one day life will end.

click HERE it take no time to send a Christmas gift in the future
You could change someone's life. Someone like me!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Got Out & About

Got a call from Harefield who needed a repeat blood test to check my kidney function they were asking if I could attend on Thursday.As this is just after my wife has worked a night shift I was not happy with her driving after being up all night so I organised a appointment at the GPs for 9.15 which is a part of the day I don't often see! but I managed. Liz drove me there to get the blood taken and reported to Harefields direct.The blood test when it was reported showed improvement so reassured the clinic and me!

 After I had done this we went out to the local town to get some money from the bank and go to the shops for some magazines.I then realised that this was the first time that me and Liz had been out together to something that didn't involve hospitals we spent some time out, but realised quite quickly that just the small amount of walking I had done was starting to wear me out. At the time there was still snow on the ground,
It felt good,& quite different as the breathlessness I would get in the cold was not there any more. But I was shocked how weak I have become after my stay in hospital when I got back in the car my legs felt quite shaky and heavy.
It would be so good to get some nice weather to get out in and as I have been advised not to drive yet I am still very dependent on Liz to get around.On the whole though I am starting to realise what will be possible now. Even though I know that I have had the transplant I am only just starting to feel and accept the effect it has had on me.
My eldest daughter who visited recently has gone back to France to do a winter season on the ski slopes and will be there till April I hope I will be able to keep in touch on Skype. Another friend who had been in America called me to say he had returned he had visited while I was in ITU but has not seen me since I hope to see him next week

The day to day things that were happening in my life are starting to come back into my life again and I am now starting to take control again! I am really looking forward to driving the car and getting real independence again and I am so grateful for the gift I have been given.

I might be good now but I don't know how well I will cope with Christmas that is rapidly approaching, many people are having a worse time!
I want to remind people there are many more people still waiting for a transplant

If you haven't, please sign up as a donor.
If you have then please talk to your family and friends about it so they know your wishes as consent must still be sought from relatives

Please remember those still waiting!