Saturday, December 4, 2010

Got Out & About

Got a call from Harefield who needed a repeat blood test to check my kidney function they were asking if I could attend on Thursday.As this is just after my wife has worked a night shift I was not happy with her driving after being up all night so I organised a appointment at the GPs for 9.15 which is a part of the day I don't often see! but I managed. Liz drove me there to get the blood taken and reported to Harefields direct.The blood test when it was reported showed improvement so reassured the clinic and me!

 After I had done this we went out to the local town to get some money from the bank and go to the shops for some magazines.I then realised that this was the first time that me and Liz had been out together to something that didn't involve hospitals we spent some time out, but realised quite quickly that just the small amount of walking I had done was starting to wear me out. At the time there was still snow on the ground,
It felt good,& quite different as the breathlessness I would get in the cold was not there any more. But I was shocked how weak I have become after my stay in hospital when I got back in the car my legs felt quite shaky and heavy.
It would be so good to get some nice weather to get out in and as I have been advised not to drive yet I am still very dependent on Liz to get around.On the whole though I am starting to realise what will be possible now. Even though I know that I have had the transplant I am only just starting to feel and accept the effect it has had on me.
My eldest daughter who visited recently has gone back to France to do a winter season on the ski slopes and will be there till April I hope I will be able to keep in touch on Skype. Another friend who had been in America called me to say he had returned he had visited while I was in ITU but has not seen me since I hope to see him next week

The day to day things that were happening in my life are starting to come back into my life again and I am now starting to take control again! I am really looking forward to driving the car and getting real independence again and I am so grateful for the gift I have been given.

I might be good now but I don't know how well I will cope with Christmas that is rapidly approaching, many people are having a worse time!
I want to remind people there are many more people still waiting for a transplant

If you haven't, please sign up as a donor.
If you have then please talk to your family and friends about it so they know your wishes as consent must still be sought from relatives

Please remember those still waiting!

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