Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Clinic Before Christmas?

After my discharge on Wednesday I have been dreading attendance at clinic again in case the infection had reoccurred or other problem might have developed that might affect my chance to stay at home for Christmas. So I woke up today with some concerns. The weather did us no favours, the temperature was -11C snow on the ground and ice on the road and to put a lid on things no water in our taps frozen pipes? I rang the water company who told me there were no issues with leaks or interrupted supply local to us.I woke the kids to tell them asking them not to use the water till the pipes thawed and we prepared to leave.I rang the clinic to warn them I might not be able to get to them today, but would try anyway.
We were lucky with travelling and got to clinic just after 10am and was able to get things completed early due to the fact that a lot of people had not made it in.It took a while to get some blood done due to my damaged veins
that have been quite overused of late.
I was happy to find out that my lung function had been maintained since my last visit and the X-ray was okay doctor had encouraged my to exercise and said he hoped that my lungs would improve and the capacity would increase then I was told that I should attend in three weeks on the 10 January I was really quite happy but apprehensive we then had to get some medication from Pharmacy and I asked for some dressings for the small wound on my scar that is healing well.I can start to see a end to the process of urgency that has dominated our attendance since the transplant.
The journey home was less than fun with no water for the windscreen wipers and night approaching. When we did get back we went out to get some supplies from the supermarket and after taking back the DVDs I had to return we got a pizza for tea finally able to rest we both collapsed and realised how tired the day had made us. Luckily the cold water supply had come back on which was a great and well needed end to the day!
Roll on Christmas!!  

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