Sunday, February 21, 2010

Called to Harefields Third time

The call came at 1.58am just as I was going to start to think about sleep
My wife had been on edge all week and it seems she was justified to be worried that we would get a call.
When the phone went my legs started to shake and breathing that minutes earlier was calm became shallow and laboured. After I had said that we were willing to come to the hospital for a possible set of lungs I started to have problems catching my breath and my thoughts, as they raced around in my head, and my lungs refused to fill. I sat there in a daze  for a few minutes before I was able to get on with the task of sorting out things to take in with us.

The kids were good helping out with things and adding reassurance that “It will be al right Dad” as they could see the shocked and frightened look on my face.
As we travelled along I added a update on Facebook on my phone to share my present status as I knew that my eldest daughter who was abroad again in France working at a ski resort would what to know if things went ahead.

Alas it was not to be, when we got there it was already becoming clear to the transplant team that the organs were not suitable.
Then the sobering thought that someone had died and offered their organs came into my mind and I said a prayer of thanks to God even if that time it didn't happen for me. someone else would benifit from the gift.
I hoped that there will be a next time?