Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year What now?

Christmas is over and we have started the new year and I am forced to ask myself what next?
We spent a very quiet Christmas at home with the kids and a few presents were exchanged but not as many as we would usually I helped to cook the Christmas dinner which is one thing I had missed and promised myself to do after the transplant.I felt no need for many presents as I had the best present that I could have got before Christmas had arrived.
With a few shopping trips outstanding yet we hope to get some of the things that the children had not got out to get yet they had money to use for the things they wanted rather than trying to rush around and get things they didn't
I am still worn out by the process of recovery and realised how unfit I have become. I have started to drive again after the recommended 12 weeks break and in that sense I have regained my independence back and am making plans for doing things in the future.But what?