Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Goodbye to Hospital, free and clear, for now

I have escaped the confines of hospital for the present.
During the morning I recieved a visit from Richard Burbedge @AwoogaBurbs
who had been called back to clinic that day with similar problems of lowering of respiratory function and ended up being admitted to the downstairs ward as I was getting  the chance to leave.I felt for him and tweeted him all the best and hoped it would not be a long stay
It took till the later part of the day before the results of my Bronchoscopy biopsy  was returned and was found to be clear of anything abnormal. I was sent to the lung function room and had my FVC1 and FVC checked again. There was a bit of a increase in both values this was enough for a discharge summary to be prepared.
I rang my wife and let her know, packed up my stuff and had some food while I waited for her and my son to arrive.It had only been a short stay but the whole process had taken it out of both my wife and me
 I noted the new set of bruising on both of my arms from the IV steroids that had been started  over the weekend  and the failed blood tests that I had done.My arm have still not recovered from the previous stay in hospital and finding a place to site a cannula is becoming increasingly hard for the doctors.

The one thing I was not happy about was the large amount of steroids I will be on for the present I started a reducing dose starting at 70mg and dropping by 5mg daily until I get back to the normal dose of 10mg that I use, in several days time. This has left my feeling unwell and has upset my digestion, and has encouraged hamster look to my face and  bloating of my waist.
It took no time at all to get home and I enjoyed the drive as the motorway was clear. We dropped off at the local Mac burgers to get some food for my son on the way home. We got back late evening. The plan was to return to clinic in two weeks and I had a appointment to attend the Churchill Hospital the next morning as a follow up to my stay at the end of January

This is not how things worked out as when I got up today I was totally unable to get up. The combination of steroids causing my upset digestion, pain and general tiredness caused me to cancel the appointment and make a new one for next week. I then spent the rest of the day resting in bed until the pain was better.
Never mind tomorrow is another day I hope that I will be more recovered then:)    

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