Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hospital stay nothing yet?

Spent the last three days in Harefield Hospital came in on Thusday at 10am and had a CT scan which I found hard work as laying flat is still hard for me.
Then Friday I got up early and went for a bronchoscopy I was happy that I was one of the early ones and so was back on the ward for medication. I went for a X ray then the doctor informed me that all had looked okay and no infection or secretions were noticed.
Because the biopsy results would not be available till  Monday they would start me on IV steroids in one gram doses for three days then I would go onto a reducing dose till I get back till my normal dose of 10mg daily to prevent any rejection before it started,and to help my lung function improve.
On the whole the stay has been all right but quite painful due to the lack of usable veins for IVs and blood samples.My arms are covered in bruising from attempts made to site cannulas for the medicine.
It has been nice to see some of the nurses on the ward again though and today I went out to the village of Harefilds for a walk for a couple of hours so I thoght I would add some pictures taken on my phone as I walked to give a flavour of the day as it was a great day with nice weather

Harefield Hare

Lake on the hospital grounds

In Memory


I am hoping for good news tomorrow regarding the test results and with any luck I will be able to go home watch this space and keep your fingers crossed for me I have had enough of hospitals for the moment:) 

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