Friday, April 22, 2011

Results Neutral,Blood will have to flow

Transplantation is a series of ups and downs, I have heard it compared to a rollacoaster!
Today I got some good news regarding my test for gastric reflux I was told that the sensor that I had to carry for 24hours had resulted in a normal reading of PH in my oesophagus and therefore there was no need for any intervention.I breathed a sigh of relief, but maybe a bit too soon as you will see later.
The intervention that was indicated was to lose some weight and become more active! 
This was something that I had realised was a problem as I have seen my weight going up steadily since my transplant, my stays in hospital have compounded the problem. Steroids have also lead to me eating more than I would have done in the past.Losing weight was a better alternative than a possible operation that I thought I might be needing, so I counted myself lucky.

The day was good and despite the fact that I was stuck at Harefield I had a chance to meet up with some people during the day.
The first people I met were @DaisyAngel52 and her husband Dave.He has been having problems with reflux himself ,but hopefully will be getting his operation in the near future.They have been so supportive since my transplant and I wish them all the best and hope that their problems will be in the past very soon.
The second person was ClareLauwerys who I have been tweeting with for a while.We managed to meet up with during lunch time at the League of Friends cafe and I had a good chat with her

I hoped to leave quite early after I was given a month till my next appointment by the consultant and which was great. I had seen a surgeon about my scar before I left as a small area of it had become red and so he had prescribed some antibiotics which I had to collect from the pharmacy.
After we got the pills I got on the road quickly as there had been indications that many people might be travelling today for the Easter weekend ,as it was these reports were groundless and we got home really quick.

As we arrived in our village my phone rang and I received a voice-mail from the clinic to tell me that the consultant had requested my next appointment be made a week earlier. Only three weeks till next visit. I was disappointed but reasoned that this would not be too bad.
Then my luck changed, and not for the better. I got another phone call from the Nurse in clinic who told me that one of my blood results had shown problems they needed a repeat blood test to check for CMV just what I needed. It seems that I will be visiting much sooner than I thought in five days time!!

It seems that this rollacoaster after going up for while, has  gone in to a dip again. Hold on to your hats!

Let us see were this ride takes me now?   



  1. Aww, Mark, how frustrating :-/ But I hope that it will be, in the end, the best thing for you.

    You've been through so much, mate. I really, truly, hope the end is in sight for you.

    Keep us updated.

    Hugs and very best wishes, as always

    Pan xxx

  2. It would be really painful for you. I wished you get well soon. My support is with you.

  3. Hi Mark really pleased to hear your results but sorry that you have another thing to deal with. It must of been a day for phones when leaving the clinic because on our way home they rang us too Dave has to go to E ward tomorrow (saturday) for bloods etc as he has a really really low Tac count its just one thing after another.
    Thank you for the lovely comment its just so nice to know that we can all support each other on this on going journey. Please keep us up-dated and I will let you know how Dave's op goes on Thursday. x


Thank You :-)