Friday, April 8, 2011

Six months Post Transplant Thank you

Six months ago I was in ITU recovering from my lung transplant and awaiting a move to the ward on Harefield Hospital where I spent time recovering.
Can it only be that long? It feels like a lifetime and it took a lifetime to get me here.
A lifetime that my donor gave me.
A man not much younger than myself, who's life ended.
He and his relatives were unselfish and had considered what may come after the end of his life.
They offered consent for  his organs to be used so someone like me could live a better life

I would like to say Thank You to this unknown man who saved my life

Your lungs expand inside me and I take joy in the experience of a deep breath.
I can walk and catch breath without panic.
I have left my oxygen behind, my wheelchair is gone.
I can walk in the sun.with my children
I can enjoy a bath or shower and wash my hair without breathlessness
Stairs are possible,lifts are optional.

Six month on I am starting to feel like my old self again but a self I had lost to illness a long time ago
I have had some problems along the way as anyone who has read this blog knows.I still have a long way to go and the journey is hard but thanks for the chance to try

I have met some great people who have been transplanted and helped me with the journey.
People who have been waiting and are still waiting who I hope I can support  as they wait.
Finally the great people who support all those people involved in the transplantation process the Nurses Doctors and relatives and the many selfless people who raise awareness for organ donation.
Thank you all

As I look forward to the next six months I would love to report that all the people I know have had a successful transplant and are doing well if you agree with this sentiment please sign the register for organ donation if you haven't already.If you have please talk with your friends about organ donation, show them this blog if you like, you could raise awareness on your facebook page or twitter.

Lets get the message out there
Organ donation
Give the Gift of life

Three people die each day waiting for a organ to be donated. 
Only 28% of people in UK are on the organ donor register

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  1. Really great and attached story of you. I salute your donor who is given new life to you.


Thank You :-)