Friday, April 29, 2011

Some Good news & Some Bad

Just thought I would report the outcome of my visit to get my blood checked again.As you may remember I had a question mark over my last blood results at clinic so after the long weekend I attended again and had a repeat test done to see if I had CMV virus
I have to admit that I was concerned that after the negative result from my impedance test I had got off lightly and had a feeling that this blood result was my pay back.
I got my blood test done and observations and was told to ring later in the day for results.When I did call late in the afternoon I was told the news I hoped for but didn't  expect,the blood result was NAD (Nothing abnormal discovered).I didn't have any nasty virus!
I was free for another few weeks from clinic but it brought it home to me how negative I had become after all the ups and downs since my transplant and I resolved to start to search out the positives in my life and doing more to enjoy the day to day.
Other things that have happened since the clinic have been good news for some people bad for others.
My friends Tracy (@DaisyAngel52) and her husband Dave who was having problems with reflux causing damage to his new lungs. Has been successfully operated on today and is presently recovering. I hope that this will help him back to full health again and I wish him a speedy recovery.
Other people have received bad news. I learnt that @Tor87 who writes the blog Past the Point of No Return on my blog list  has received her sixth call for possible transplant that didn't go ahead I really feel for her as I know the emotions it provokes in you afterwards (my call was number 8)
She is 23 years old very unwell and suffers from CF she said on Twitter
"Just home after call number 6. Feel numb inside and in pain everywhere else. Thinking of donor x"
I really hope that the call that will transform her life comes soon and I am sure that she would appreciate some support!
 You can follow her on twitter read her blog and if you have not already signed the organ donor register, please do so here Donor register
 The man who saved my life was not much younger than me at 45 years old. I would not be writing about it now if he hadn't registered his intention to donate his organs
If you are registered send a link to a friend who isn't.Please lets make a difference for Victoria.
So as you can see I have nothing to worry about compared to others! 

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